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Speaking of Japanese anime, surely you already know? Until now there are still many people who like to watch it. But because anime rarely appears on TV, many choose to watch anime streaming on the internet, here are the best streaming anime watching sites today.

anime is already famous. There are also many very popular anime in the world such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, which until now still exists on national private television channels namely Doraemon and Captain Tsubasa.

Too bad now anime is not much aired on television stations in this country. In contrast to the 80s, 90s to 2000s were almost every day, especially Sunday anime aired a lot.

Because of the many anime streaming sites on the internet, of course you are confused which one to watch. That is why so many are looking for a list or list of sites where the most stable anime streaming as we will discuss in this article.

Speaking of the best sites, Techno Paradise has shared a collection of the best sites for reading comics or manga, watching movies to buying and selling the most trusted used gadget sites.

Following are some of the most stable websites or websites that are used to watch anime online / streaming, Examples are as follows.

animeindo.co is the best anime streaming site at the moment. This site has countless anime collections, and because of that techno heaven has named this site the best.

animeindo.co provides many anime titles that you can watch. Starting from the anime series that you can watch per episode, to anime films that are no less interesting to watch.

On this site which was founded in 2017, there is also a synopsis that tells the story of the anime that will be watched. Best of all, there aren't too many ads that can interfere with watching anime on this site.

animeindo.co saves anime videos on many servers, of course you have alternative choices when streaming. Besides watching streaming, you can also watch anime offline on your gadget by downloading it first.

Then there is my.tv.tv which you can visit to watch streaming anime / online. This site has a large selection of anime that you can watch easily here.

Anime collections on this site are very complete, admin owners routinely upload new anime every day. There are several anime that you deserve to watch such as the hero Dragon ball, one song that the author likes, one hit.

The anime in samehadaku.tv is equipped with high quality Indonesian subtitles. There are also choices of anime with resolutions of 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. The anime file is stored on many servers, so there is an alternative compilation of broken links.

You can not only stream and download anime on this site. You can also You can also download Anime OST, and manga on the second best anime watching streaming site.

No less than the previous sub-indo anime streaming site, you can visit otakudesu.org. This site has a very responsive look to be accessed from various gadgets.

This site has lots of anime that you can watch streaming. The best thing is you can choose the anime resolution that you want to watch, so you can adjust it to your internet quota. 

those are three sites that are very crowded 

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