How to Cure Fever

 Cure fever

Sick fever is often experienced by children, but adults can also be affected even
though the frequency is not too high as children. One cause of fever usually

starts with a headache first. While still a child,  
your parents will be alert to take care of you at any time.

But this does not happen when you become a student or
foreign traveler who lives alone in a remote area

1. Compress with a warm wet cloth.
How to compress is the most popular natural way to
deal with high fever, you can use a cloth or sponge that

has been moistened with warm water that is placed on the
forehead or can also be on the chest and stomach, do this until

the fever goes down, do not use cold water or ice water when
compress because it can make the body shiver.

2. Take a shower with warm water
Usually people suggest that people with a fever don't take a 
bath when they have a fever, but it turns out that bathing in 

warm water is very good for reducing your fever because after 
bathing the body will come back refreshed and the fever will decrease. 

3.Keep the room temperature cool
The condition of the room temperature that is too hot is actually not 
good because it makes the body temperature get hotter, if possible 

set the room temperature to keep it cool and cool, with a comfortable 
room condition can help reduce high body temperature. 

4. Brush the feet with garlic.
Garlic, besides being used for cooking spices, is an excellent natural remedy for lowering high body temperature, how to crush garlic then mix it with coconut oil, then apply it to the soles of your feet until it is evenly distributed and leave overnight and leave overnight. the next day the fever will decrease.

5. Get enough rest.
To restore the body's condition, get plenty of rest. Endurance will increase so it is very good so that the fever falls quickly.

6. If necessary, you can take fever-lowering drugs so that the fever can go down faster.
If your fever does not go down immediately consult a doctor because it might be caused by another disease, if the fever is too high you should be alert because it can be very dangerous.

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